End of the Year Music Roundup: 2015 Favorites


I siphoned up a massive assortment of music from college radio, live shows, blogs, magazines and movies this year. Literally hundreds. It definitely took a lot of exhaustive sifting and combing through sub-lists that I had scrawled into notebooks or typed into my computer to arrive at this final list. Everything was just so good. The artists that appear here are based on the what I’ve played and enjoyed the most throughout the months. The musicians cover a myriad of genres from trip-hop soundscapes to jangly indie rock to folk & blues to synth pop and hail from as close as Carlisle, Pennsylvania and as far as Melbourne, Australia. Don’t forget to give the Spotify playlist a listen! Happy New Year! Continue reading



As Melhores Músicas Brasileiras de 2015 | Vol. 01
As Melhores Músicas Brasileiras de 2015 | Vol. 02
Mais um ano está acabando e muitos discos incríveis foram lançados em 2015 no Brasil! São tantos bons discos em tantos gêneros diversos que não foi fácil escolher os nomes na lista mas eu consegui separar 24 músicas que eu considero ser minhas favoritas. Ao final do post, criei uma playlist de Spotify e YouTube com as músicas na lista abaixo. Aproveite! Continue reading