2016 Favs | Vol. 05

Best Songs of 2016 | Vol. 05

2016 Favs | Vol. 05
Fraternal Twin – Favorite Ghost (Homeworlding)
Hoops – Gemini (Gemini)
Blond Ambition – Shasta (single)
From Indian Lakes – Feel Love (Everything Feels Better Now)
Syd Arthur – Coal Mine (Apricity)
Peluché – Family (Utopia Village)
Sugar Candy Mountain – Who I Am (666)
The Holiday Crowd – Anything Anything (S/T)
Levitation Room – Strangers of Our Time (Ethos)
Morgan Delt – A Gun Appears (Phase Zero)
Beach Skulls – Santa Fe (Slow Grind)
Your Dog – 666 (Talking to Bob)
Surf Rock Is Dead – In Between (single)
Rosemary Fairweather – Chemicals (Heavenly)
Max Gardener – Stirrings (Stirrings)
Parkwave – Distance (Better Than This)


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