2016 Favs | Vol. 04

Best Music of 2016 Vol. 04

2016 Favs | Vol. 04
Spooky Mansion – Feel That Blood (Spooky Mansion)
Warehouse – Super Low (Super Low)
Clearance – Owner Operator (Are You Aware)
Chook Race – At Your Door (Around the House)
Redspencer – Fuss (Perks)
Magic Potion – Milk (Pink Gum)
Balue – Good Reason (Wavy Daze)
Ultimate Painting – Who Is Your Next Target? (Dusk)
Leapling – You Lemme Know (Suspended Animation)
EZTV – Racing Country (High in Place)
Our Girl – Being Around (Normally)
Alpenglow – Find a Way (Callisto)
Jay Som – Our Red Door (Turn Into)
Chris Staples – Cheap Shades (Golden Age)
Amber Arcades – I Will Follow (Fading Lines)
Here We Go Magic – Ordinary Feeling (Be Small)


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